Oct 16, 2002 · QLI-T20001 Traveller d20 (Hardcover) MINT (retail $44.95) $37.95. Adventure into the Far Future with the original, award-winning Traveller. science fiction roleplaying game revised for the D20 System! This 256-page. core rulebook features everything you need to explore the uncharted regions of.. "/>

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Traveller SRD Designfinder Competition! Over the course of the summer — culminating right before GenCon — this RPG Superstar-style contest will take competitors through four rounds, with the winner earning a contract to write a (first edition) Pathfinder RPG adventure for d20pfsrd.com. Entering is simple just follow this link for details!. Flight. By applying telekinesis to his own body the character can fly, or at least levitate over short distances. The character can fly for a number of rounds equal to the Effect of the check at a speed of six metres per round. Telekinesis, Psionic Strength, 1-6 seconds, Average (+0). Costs 5..

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